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Photographs of Helsinki 1969 - 1987
The Media Centre at Helsinki Lasipalatsi 1.9. - 3.10.1999

An exhibition of black and white photographs was opened 1st September 1999 at Helsinki Lasipalatsi. The photographs were taken by Eeva and Simo Rista from 1969 to 1987.

The exhibition is divided into two parts; the first one is an exhibition of photographs and the second is a website in the internet at

The photographs shown in this exhibition have been chosen from an archive of 60.000 negatives. About 8300 photos have been scanned to the web pages which can be visited during the exhibition.

The pages are designed by Aapo Rista. The site is for everyone to be used as an interactive photoarchive from which you can search the material by entries, e.g. by a dictrict name. The web masters hope that people visiting the pages will submit their comments and information. A feedback form is included at the web site.

  1. Go to the search form and select one "Kaupunginosa" from the selection list. (A good choice could be "Kruununhaka", "Kallio" or "Kamppi".
  2. Leave the "Hakusana" -field empty and press the "Aloita haku" -button. You will now arrive to the result page.
  3. Pick one of the result texts and click it - it's a link to the photo!
  4. After you have recieved the photo you can click one of the words above and make a new search with that word. A good way to learn some Finnish! ;-)
  5. Feedback is Palaute and feedback form is palautelomake in Finnish! Feedback us!

Sivun yläosaan © Aapo Rista 1999